The Ancient and Auspicious Order of the Nine Gems
  The Order was established in 1851 by King Rama IV.
In due time, the pendant, the sash and the ring were added onto the set by the decree of King Rama V. This Order is bestowed upon the members of the Royal Family and distinguished high ranking devoted officials, having rendered services to the Kingdom and in affiliation with Buddhism. This Order is of one class consists of
1. Pendant of the Nine Gems, on the yellow sash with red, blue and green trims,
to wear over the right shoulder to the left hip
2. Star of the Nine Gems, to wear on the left chest
3. Gold Ring of the Nine Gems, for men, to wear on the right index finger.
  For Men
  For Ladies

Pendant of the Nine Gems, for ladies, attached onto the silk ribbon, to wear on the front left shoulder, while in halfdress uniform or with the sash of other Orders.